The RAW Series: Molly Argue

The Raw Series: Molly's StoryHi everyone, I’m Molly, the Co-Founder of URJA. Welcome to The RAW (Real Authentic Words) Series... I'm up first. We're about to get real, real fast.













Full disclosure: I'm Type A, a Virgo and on the Enneagram Scale, I’m a 2W3 (meaning I’m a caretaker of others, but also very achievement-driven). I lived on a full tank for 26 years of my life, and truthfully, I thrive in “go mode.” In fairness - I'll always love some adrenaline. As I'm writing this, I am now 28 and have captured the importance of a low-stress + anti-inflammatory lifestyle.




From being Miss Arizona Teen USA to living abroad twice, while at Pepperdine University, I was also the anchor on the school newscast, a journalist for the newspaper, a member on the Nomination Committee of my sorority and landed 4 prestigious internships. Upon graduation, I began working several jobs. I helped to launch 2 different mobile apps and consulted for several start-ups, while I held a consistent job as a TV Host in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. On a personal note, I got married, then divorced soon after — all by 26 years old. Now, I can clearly see that I was burning my candle at both ends.


For every success, there are, of course, failures. All strong people face challenges... scares = strength. I do strongly believe that difficulties/learning moments/being uncomfortable in life leads to the opportunity to become more empathetic, wise and focused. 


After running in a fight-or-flight mode for many years, my tank was empty. Even as a “planner,” you don’t plan to run out of fuel. (I now realize the more you plan, the more God laughs.) I was striving to overachieve, pouring into others and never really looking inward. I was underweight, battling panic/anxiety disorder, prescribed medications to get through my day, was hiding in work, in unhealthy relationships and ultimately, I crashed. I was not thinking clearly, present or listening to my body. Instead, I was putting my attention everywhere else. 


In hitting rock bottom emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally, I knew I needed a major reset. How had I gone so wrong along the way of trying to do so much “right”? How was I so unaware of my own needs? My bloodwork was abnormal with extremely high cortisol levels, white blood count, etc. I felt alone, trapped and confused. I am thankful for a wonderful family and incredible friends, but I knew the big change had to start from within. I moved out of LA and home to Arizona to shift gears. In the following several months I completed and then halted most work commitments, started therapy (EMDR was incredible for me), learned to feel anger, practiced yoga/meditation, read a lot of books, ate good food and did my best to cleanse my life. As I actively pursued healing, my body followed in a positive direction.  


Mind and body connection is so real. Of course, stress is natural and some stress is even good. But, chronic stress can cause detrimental inflammation in the body and lead to major health concerns. Honoring to your body and mind is so important. Mindfulness is powerful. Self-understanding is powerful. Boundaries are powerful. Relationships are powerful. Faith is everything.


During my season of re-centering, the concept of URJA naturally developed into fruition. Not only do I wholeheartedly believe in our products, but I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of a low-stress + anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Choosing to be present, cooking with clean foods, shopping clean beauty, making time for the things you enjoy and being true to who you are makes life SO. MUCH. BETTER.  


A lot can happen in 6 months - 1 year - 2 years... I’ve lived it first-hand. It's so worth letting go, taking a deep breath and then persevering. Every step counts, big or small, towards a healthier, happier and more authentic you.




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