NI2C™ = Natural Inflammation Inhibitor Compound

Hello, Liz here, the Founder of URJA! Let me tell you more about NI2C™, the heartbeat of URJA. 


Powered by organic hemp-CBD, NI2C™ is our proprietary complex, which is comprised of five clinically studied ingredients to help quiet skin-inflammation. It helps to deliver results for redness + irritation, breakouts, fine lines + wrinkles and overall skin texture. Chronic skin-inflammation can be caused by stress, pollution, poor sleep and the foods we eat. Calming underlying inflammation is at the core of improving the skin’s health and appearance.


I didn’t realize that I was actually developing NI2C four years ago… At the time, I was working with an emerging CBD company and immersed myself in learning the benefits of CBD.  I remember thinking, “WOW – this is amazing!”  While there appears to be many significant health benefits to CBD, I began to focus on the skin-health benefits. 


I've spent 15 years developing products to help fight dryness, fine lines + wrinkles, acne and rosacea.  What I learned is that at the core of just about every skin concern is inflammation. I immediately recognized the connection - if there is one thing CBD can do - it’s fight inflammation! And so, my URJA journey began…


I soon discovered that CBD is not alone in its potent anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. There are several additional (natural) ingredients… from the desert to the sea… which have incredible abilities to calm and balance the skin as well.


NI2C™ is the best of anti-inflammatory properties to give you your most vibrant (and healthiest) skin ever.




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