URJA Before + After Review: Using CBD Skincare for Acne Prone, Sensitive Skin

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The rise of CBD in its' many forms has skyrocketed in the past year and skincare has been in the spotlight of benefits more recently. I would describe CBD as the "secret ingredient" for acne prone and sensitive skin- and you're about to understand why. But first let me tell you a little about my skin's journey thus far.

I have experienced extreme cystic and hormonal acne for over 6 years. I had implemented everything natural in my routine to help prevent/cure this from the inside out by going dairy free, exercising and drinking plenty of water. For the past few years I have been switching between the esthetician way and the dermatologist way. I've come to find that going to an esthetician is great for a temporary fix and not the easiest route for someone with sensitive skin. I was on an intense skincare routine with Salicyclic Acid, Benzoyl and Retinols and my skin was the most irritated and triggered it has ever been. I started using sensitive skin products and doing chemical peels, microdermabrasion, masques, dermaplaning, light therapy, you name it... but none of them stayed consistent. My skin was always in waves of breakout and less breakout and that's when I realized I couldn't tell you the last time I had clear skin.

So, I turned to medical professionals at Spectrum Dermatology, a hormonal acne specialist and they prescribed me Spironolactone, which helps prevent cystic acne tremendously, but doesn't do much to help the surface of your skin. I also started using Tazorac, Clindamycin and Aczone at the same time and 4 months later my skin was still average. Not broken out 24/7 and not clear. At this point I was feeling so frustrated, defeated and embarrassed.

This is the turning point where I decided to go the holistic route. My skin was so sensitive and tired from all of my previous trials that I didn't have much to lose except to trust nature, and by that I mean CBD. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, in which we know has many anti-inflammatory benefits. 

I started doing some research and looking for CBD skincare brands with all organic ingredients and came across Urja Beauty. Urja was created by two amazing women who dominate in the industries of beauty and medicine. They came together to create a line of products that are made from clean ingredients, calming botanicals and natural plants. So for this experiment I took myself off of the topicals unless I needed to spot treat a pimple and what I found was life changing.

First of all, the products smell. amazing. like fresh flowers from a garden but in your products. It is so relaxing and calming to apply everyday, I get so excited! I'm so thankful Urja was willing to collaborate with me what I was hoping to be my last skin trial. After two days of using the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Detox Moisturizer and Remedy Face oil, the all over redness in my complexion had already gone down significantly and all of my dark spots/acne scars were brighter. I have oily/combination skin and haven't been able to find a balancing moisturizer until I tried this Detox Moisturizer and I'm hooked! This product balances my skin's oil levels while calming and has the perfect combination of a light, creamy moisturizer.

Lastly, I decided to take it one step further and have been using their Be Well Tincture for the past couple of weeks and I have loved the change it's made in my morning routine. Every morning I get up, stretch and meditate for a short 5 minutes and incorporating this tincture has been so calming. The peppermint and vanilla taste is a great benefit of Urja compared the unpleasing taste from other tinctures I have tried. I have noticed a great difference in the calming effect it has on my anxiety and my never ending joint and muscle pain(from multiple surgeries). Despite popular belief, taking CBD orally is not going to provide instant results, make you feel high or groggy. The amazing effects from taking CBD daily will become noticeable over time and consideration.When you become mindfully aware of your body and its functions, you will feel the product working its' magic on you!

Speaking of magic... After 4 weeks of using all of these products, the only new breakout I had was when mother nature came for a visit and even that was minimal compared to what I was experiencing prior to trying Urja. Do yourself a favor and look at the before and after photos after using this product for only ONE MONTH. I seriously can't believe the difference it has made! I'm so thankful to have found something that works for me that also contains botanicals and nature's best anti-inflammatory, CBD.


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