URJA Product Pro-Tips (From Our Customers)

We love to hear how you URJA! We have taken notes on the creative ways our customers have made our nutrient-rich products multi-use… read on for creative ways to enjoy your products.


Remedy Face Oil

  • Use a few drops on scalp to calm sunburn or dryness / irritation.
  • After applying to face, use the excess on hands to run through the end of your hair to add moisture to split ends.
  • Add 10-15 drops to your bath to hydrate skin + enjoy an adaptogenic benefit.
  • Add 3-5 drops to Gentle Foaming Gelée Face Wash to create an "oil-based cleanser."
  • On "no makeup days," add a few drops to your sunblock for an added glow.


Let It Roll Calming Oil

  • Rub onto your knees after a run to ease tension.
  • Use on dry cuticles for healthier and smoother looking nails.
  • As a potent anti-inflammatory, CBD is known to help skin issues like eczema, which can be caused by environmental + emotional stress. We have heard from several customers that when used on inflamed eczema spots, the Let It Roll Calming Oil helps with irritation and redness.


Vibrant V Moisturizing Silky-Serum

  • Formulated to hydrate and deeply moisturize your lady parts while helping to quiet inflammation specifically stemming from razor burn, ingrown hairs and post-laser hyperpigmentation. BUT, consider the other places you put your razor to use… several customers have reported Silky-Serum to be extremely helpful for underarm irritation, as well as a fantastic spot treatment for dry patches on the body.
  • Attention all men! If you thought Silky-Serum was a women-only product... you thought wrong. While this product aims to keep the V vibrant, its primary function is to soothe irritation, dryness + skin concerns caused by inflammation. Men are loving this product for pubic and chest hair as it minimizes ingrowns and irritation, leaving the skin healthy and smooth.


Vibrant V pH Balanced Personal Wash as a shaving cream 

  • Our Vibrant V pH Balanced Personal Wash is soothing + moisturizing for all areas of the body. Try using URJA's Personal Wash as a luxury shaving cream - it will leave your skin soft and happy.


URJA is fueled by nature’s powerhouse ingredients to quiet skin-stress. Although we formulate with a specific use in-mind, we love hearing how you incorporate URJA in more ways than one! Tell us in the comments or DM us on Instagram @urjabeauty.

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