Why Address Inflammation?

URJA combines a clinical skincare with holistic underpinnings. Our proprietary complex, NI2C, blends skin-calming botanicals, including organic hemp-CBD, to target inflammation within the skin. Inflammation is one of the most elusive yet profoundly aggravating conditions for both skin and emotional health. URJA's NI2C complex helps to reduce the appearance of skin irritation, redness and premature aging with rich, natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients.

#URJAbeauty = Skincare Goals

Skincare goals usually consist of wishing for younger-looking skin, wanting a clear(er) complexion and chasing that perfect glow… the ultimate trifecta! We hate to break it to you... these lofty goals have a lot to do with genetics. BUT the good news is, they also have one underlying commonality - inflammation. Hello URJA… where every ingredient has been thoughtfully selected and formulated to target inflammation, helping to holistically nourish and de-stress your skin from the outside-in and the inside-out. (Remember, your skin absorbs 60-70% of what is used topically!)


Inflammation, in the short term, may be healthy, productive and protective. It helps the body to heal after an injury (think: a sprained ankle) or an “attack” (think: a mosquito bite). It’s a natural defense mechanism. Long-term inflammation, however, is a different story. On-going inflammation can be detrimental to our health - including our skin health (think: fine lines, breakouts, and sensitivity).  

How Am I Exposed To Inflammation?

The reality is, we are exposed to inflammation every day, both internally and externally. Internally from stress, lack of sleep, boozy brunches, food sensitivities and too much screen time. All of these examples add stress to our skin, leading to dehydration and compromised “sk-integrity,” pointing to wrinkles, blotchiness, dryness, little red bumps, etc. Externally we are exposed to chronic skin-stress from UV rays (we’ve all had that ‘oh sh*t, I forgot sunscreen’ moment… it’s life!) and pollution (whether it’s exposure while in the car-pool lane or on your ten-block walk to work). Things are constantly occurring around us that can contribute to an elevated level of “skinflammation,” which can trigger early signs of aging, acne and irritated skin. 

Go to the Source

Studies have shown that chronic inflammation can negatively affect our health and over time, may trigger brain fog, anxiety, dermatitis, rashes and disrupt the body’s natural balance. Get to the root of the issue by doing your own research on inflammation, know your personal allergies/food sensitivities and incorporate anti-inflammatory products and lifestyle strategies into your day-to-day routine.

Learn more here: Medical News Today and Scripps.

At URJA, we care about your #SkincareGoals, but OUR goal is to help your skin become the best version of itself - healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Liz + Molly

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