Why Do I Need a Face Oil?

If you are like us at URJA, we have spent most of our skincare journey looking for the magic product that helps us to put our best face forward. Scrubs, anti-acne pads, vitamin serums, eye creams, and NO pore-clogging make-up, please and thank you. 

With fluctuating hormones, diet and lack of sleep (hey, sometimes there are things we can’t control!), it almost seems impossible to find a trusted hero product.

Whether skin is breaking out due to stress (12-hour workdays, travel-grind, what’s for dinner?!) or irritated due to environmental factors (pollution, UV exposure, not enough greens + too much booze = oops!) the key to a healthy glow is hydration and nutrients.  

Enter Remedy Face Oil, your skin’s superhero! Dry skin, blotchy skin, oily skin? Yes, YOU need oil! Here’s why…

A high quality, clean face oil will provide vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to your skin. (Fact: Did you know that about 60-70% of what you put onto your skin is absorbed? Hint: Choose your ingredients wisely.) A face oil should soak-in, complimenting natural oils, while adding not only important skin nutrients, but protection as well.

Many people think a face oil will cause breakouts, but skin that is dehydrated actually produces more oil. Nurturing the skin with an efficacious face oil will help reset your skin and ease your mind. Follow with a targeted moisturizer to address specific skin needs. (And, of course, we always recommend daily sunscreen for ray-defense.)

URJA’s Remedy Face Oil is naturally derived, vegan and formulated with our proprietary complex that targets stressed-out skin. It’s powered by organic, hemp-CBD (no THC… sorry, you won’t get high, BUT you will get beautiful skin!) and complemented with bakuchiol, boswellia and niacinamide. Introducing your new go-to product for balanced, vibrant and healthy skin.

Simply put, a face oil can be tailored to fit into any skincare routine and is an ancient beauty secret for improving tone and texture. Not only is hydration provided, but oils contain healing properties. URJA’s Remedy Face Oil furthers anti-inflammatory benefits with ingredients including turmeric, golden seaweed, and rosehip. 

So what is the best way to use face oil? 

Well, depending on your skin type and needs, your use can vary. We suggest using URJA’s Remedy Face Oil after washing your face with URJA’s Gentle Foaming Gelée. Warm about 2-5 drops of face oil between your hands, take a moment to breathe in the natural extracts of the product. Gently press and massage the oil into face, neck and décolleté. Follow with skin-specific moisturizer, your make-up or sunscreen as needed.

We add URJA’s Remedy Face Oil to our foundation for an extra glow.  On mornings where less hydration is needed, we just add 1-2 drops of face oil to our daily moisturizer and mix the two together. At night, we load-up on this liquid gold! 

Skin changes as we navigate this thing called life! Discover URJA and elevate your skincare to skin-wellness.

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Liz + Molly

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