Women’s Health Q+A with Dr. Sherry: Part 1

Hi, my name is Leila, and I am one of URJA’s interns. Working with URJA has given me the exciting opportunity to speak with Dr. Sherry Ross, a Co-Founder and the namesake of URJA Intimates by Dr. Sherry! 


Dr. Sherry is a renowned OBGYN, known as “doctor to the stars” and is also the author of two best-selling books, She-ology and The She-quel. She has been a passionate advocate for women’s health for over 25 years. The questions I’ve compiled will be shared across several blog posts with the series title Women’s Health Q+A with Dr. Sherry… so be sure to check back here for more!


I myself am 19-years-old and have been on a hormonal birth control pill for 4 years. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I have never been to the gynecologist. With that being said, I am very excited to interview someone who can answer my most pressing questions about womanhood… those questions that I’ve never thought (or have been too scared) to ask. I walked into this interview seeking clarity about women’s health + taboos and was blown away by what Dr. Sherry had to say… I hope you feel the same way.



Q: Dr. Sherry, I have seen you on EllenTube, Good Morning America, and have read your interviews for Forbes, Cosmo +more! I would love to know about your journey to becoming an OBGYN and what inspired you about women’s overall health - for those who don’t know you?


A: I love talking to women, delivering babies and dealing with healthy patients overall. Every day I am inspired, educated and in awe of my patients. I feel as though when women's legs go up in stirrups, the conversation really begins… I am their best friend and favorite therapist. I feel as though I am being useful and can be a voice for not just my patients, but for women all over the country - the world. I can answer the tough and sensitive questions that most women never can ask or get answers to. My books, She-ology and The She-quel, were inspired by my patients. I want to continue advancing the narrative on how we talk about our bodies. 


The show I am currently Co-Hosting, Lady Parts, on Ellen’s Digital Network, has cast a wider educational net on our bodies and traditionally taboo issues for women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and from all over the world. The Vagina Revolution is ON! 


We are finally talking about our vagina’s and now learning how to take care of it!



Q: To be honest, I feel embarrassed talking about my feminine health. Being someone in your line of work (and who is comfortable with the topic) do you have any tips to shift this mentality?  


A: We as women need to champion each other and lead by example, especially as we age. We need to start the conversations with our friends, our sisters, our children and anyone who will listen.


We all need to be our best health advocates, especially when it comes to the vagina. Being happy and feeling empowered is the first step in changing the roadmap on our health and enjoyable aging.


We need to change the perspective and approach to our bodies, women’s health and our vaginas. We need to turn any shame and anxiety when discussing these sensitive medical topics into pride, with a sense of comfort and ease. We need to lean into the conversation and change the narrative surrounding women’s intimate health.



Q: What’s the #1 thing you communicate to all your patients?


A: Be your best health care advocate and take control of your lady parts! 


Good health habits and lifestyle choices should start at a young age, but it’s never too late to commit to your health. When you embrace and value the importance of your female health, I know you will be glad you did! Get educated, know what’s at stake and take control over your body, your ovaries and your vagina!


More than 50% of women never talk about their vaginal health with anyone, not even their healthcare provider.  35% of women said they are uncomfortable saying the word “vagina.” 90% of women say they think we need better vaginal health education. 8 out of 10 women say they have experienced vaginal issues in the past year. Ladies, we need to make our vaginal health a priority and talk about whatever issues you might be experiencing with your vulva and vagina.  


Vulva and vaginal dryness, itching, pain with sex, inability to have an orgasm and persistent vaginal odors and discharge are just some of the everyday complaint’s women are not talking about. If you are suffering from any of these types of common problems talk to your healthcare provider. It’s time to be shameless about our lady parts. Let’s change the dialogue on how we take care of our bodies and vaginas. 



I hope this first Q+A with Dr. Sherry was as insightful for you as it has been for me! Discover more information on women’s wellness and vaginal health throughout URJA’s website or check out Dr. Sherry’s books here

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