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Skin Health

The team behind URJA has decades of experience in skincare, having worked with such notable brands as Philosophy, Kinerase, PCA Skin, Shaklee and Elizabeth Arden. Utilizing this expertise, while progressing formulation innovation, we aim to elevate todays consumer's expectations. URJA's proprietary formulas are backed by science, yet rooted in nature to target underlying inflammation and skin-stress. As your body's largest organ, skin is a direct reflection of your overall health. Discover URJA... your best skin days are here!


Intimate Health

Women need to take care of their lady parts, AKA the vulva + vagina, with the same care and attention as they give their face. Between urine, sweat and bacterial build-up, proper cleansing and care helps to reduce irritation, inflammation, dryness, infections, breakouts, itching and offensive odors. Balance in life, and the pH balance of your lady parts, go hand-in-hand. A pH between 3.8-4.5 is the ideal environment for the vulva and vagina. (This attention to pH is not found in your everyday body wash!) Anything that disrupts this delicate balance could lead to vaginal misery such as infection, dryness, itching and/or burning. The renowned OBGYN, Dr. Sherry, has worked alongside the URJA team to formulate innovative intimate health products...because your intimates areas deserve healthy skincare too!

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Holistic Approach

Science is proving that our physical, mental + emotional health are all connected. As a brand, we have taken this to heart... From our purposefully selected ingredients to stress balancing extracts to intentional branding and charitable ties, we acknowledge the 360° responsibility to modernize the conversation around skin health + wellness.


Naturally Derived || 100% Effective || Dermatologist Tested || OBGYN Approved
*vegan *clean *cruelty-free *gluten free
Contains NO: Parabens, Dyes, Alcohol, Synthetic Fragrances, Colors, Phthalates, Glycols, PEGs or Silicones