URJA goes beyond traditional skincare, treating more than just fine lines and breakouts. URJA reaches deeper with a more holistic approach, recognizing that our skin is a reflection of our overall health. The skin is our body’s largest organ and concerns like redness, acne, dark spots, dryness and even oily skin are all signs of skin-stress. URJA products balance the skin, focusing on innovative ingredients and proprietary formulations that target inflammation, helping to nurture stressed-out skin. 

URJA means energy, giving us strength physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our story begins with acknowledging that our skin, like our body, fights inflammation. Our botanical complex, NI2C is powered by organic, hemp-CBD to help restore your skin’s natural harmony.

Our agate inspired packaging showcases our brand mission of bringing a little Zen into the daily ritual of skincare. Natural agate stones are known to convert negative energy into positive energy... raw, authentic and purposeful beauty.

Elevate your skincare experience.

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