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Urja Remedy Face Oil
  • I love Remedy Face Oil SOOO much! My rosacea bumps are GONE! - Female, 40 year old
  • I have been battling razor burn for over a year. Tried many things – but after trying Remedy Face Oil for a couple of weeks, my skin is SO MUCH better. I will keep using it! - Male, 30 years old
  • Just wanted to let you know that in two months all of my scarring and acne has gone away completely, 100% clear! My confidence and support goes out to URJA everyday. - Female, 26 years old
  • I love my Gentle Foaming Gelee Face Wash - The formula really calms my rosacea. - Male, 30 years old

Urja Products
  • Great product (Restore Moisturizer)! I’ve definitely noticed a difference after only 5 days! - Female, 55 year old
  • The Calming Rollerball has completely helped the redness subside in my complexion! I actually used it as a spot treatment on my rosacea and it cleared up my redness over-night! - Female, 28 year old
  • Had some pretty bad knee pain after a run... I put some Let It Roll Calming Oil on my knee and it feels amazing. - Male, 31 year old

  • Obsessed with my URJA Remedy Face Oil… I use it daily on my face, neck AND chest! - Female, 50 year old
  • OMG can you please make a candle that smells like Remedy Face Oil? A new favorite part of my night! - Female, 32 year old
  • The SCENT. I work a really stressful job and URJA is like a mini spa day when I have to wake-up at 4am… and it really starts my day off right. - Female, 23 year old